Leadership is linked to character even before it is linked to competence. So, our three-week intensive training will focus on who leaders are supposed to be as much as what they are supposed to do.

Each day, we will emerge from worship to hear and interact with thoughtful teaching from experienced faculty. Out of their training and giftedness, they will apply the message of Jesus Christ to church history, theology, preaching and modern culture.

Afternoons will culminate in a two-hour colloquy where we will interact in small groups with the theme of leadership as brought to us by gifted leaders from both church and society. Some of our discussion will be shaped by case studies or podcasts where realistic challenges call for wise responses.

Evenings will include special guest speakers, while weekends will bring opportunities for ministry in local churches.

| Ninth Session: January 5 - 30, 2020 |

Isle of palms, south carolina


| Eighth Session: September 5 - 27, 2019 |

Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts


| Seventh Session: January 9 - 31, 2019 |

Isle of palms, South Carolina


| Sixth Session: September 6 - 28, 2018 |

Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts

Group picture for September, 2018 Institute.jpg

| Fifth Session: January 5 - 26, 2018 |

Isle of Palms, South Carolina


| Fourth Session: September 8 - October 1, 2017 |

Martha's Vineyard, massachusetts


| Third Session: January 3 - 26, 2017 |

Sullivan's Island, South Carolina

| Second Session: September 5 - 29, 2016 |

Seabrook Island, South Carolina

second session group

| First Session: January 4 - 31, 2016 |

Sullivan's Island, South Carolina