Candidates will be required to...

Bishop's Recommendation

In addition to the above Requirements, each applicant must attach a letter of endorsement by an Anglican bishop or primate. These may be emailed directly to Peter Moore.


To apply for our upcoming session, please send an email with the following:

  • Name (including Diocese & Province)
  • Home street address (not a Post Office number)
  • Email address
  • Sponsoring Bishop's email address
  • Age
  • Height (in feet)
  • Number of years in ministry (ordained or otherwise)
  • All completed degrees, including institution
  • Airport: the one from which you will be departing to the USA, and the one in the USA from which you will be departing at the end of the Institute to return to your home country
  • Passport number with date of issue and date of expiry
  • Do you have a visa to the USA? If so, its date of expiry
  • One-word statement of your agreement with The Jerusalem Declaration
  • Brief statement of what you hope to accomplish from the session with ALI