Candidates will be required to...

Bishop's Recommendation

In addition to the above Requirements, each applicant must attach a letter of endorsement by an Anglican bishop or primate. These may be emailed directly to Peter Moore.


Our Commitment to Anglican Leadership Participants:

  • We commit to offer out participants a professional experience in leadership training

  • We commit to pay for their airfare (if coming from overseas) to Boston or Charleston, and back to their home countries

  • We commit to cover their stay in the USA with short-term health insurance (if they come from outside North America) and to provide each participant with primary care if an emergency arises

  • We commit to pay for all costs involved in the Institute, including curriculum, food and hospitality, and transportation within the local area

  • We commit to provide over-the-counter medications that may be needed for first aid, common colds, fevers, and other maladies

Our Participants' Commitment to the Anglican Leadership Institute:

  • Participants will cover the cost of obtaining a visa to the United States. In rare circumstances, ALI may offer a limited amount of money to assist with the cost of visas. This must be negotiated with the Institute before leaving for the USA

  • Participants will cover the cost of getting from their homes to the nearest international airport from which they will depart, and the cost of returning to their homes from that airport on their return

  • Participants will agree to preach or speak at churches in the USA if invited, without renumeration. This will not occur during the September Institutes

  • The ALI is not to be considered a fund-raising opportunity by participants while they are in the USA. Friendly contacts with Americans and others while here may lead to fundraising opportunities later, but not during the Institute

  • Participants will pay for electronic connections to the American electronic systems, or for other electronic devices (SIM cards, etc.) that they wish to purchase on arrival

  • Participants will pay for any overseas phone calls made during their stay in the USA if using a landline rather than their own cell phones or computers

  • Participants agree to give their full attention to all Institute meetings and not to use meeting times to email friends or conduct ministry long-distance

  • The use of cell phones during meetings will be frowned upon, either for texting or phoning, as will the use of computers to do email

  • Participants will accept whatever limitations they encounter regarding rooming with someone else, or the size of their beds. ALI will do our best to make sure everyone is comfortable

  • While people's preferences regarding food will be respected, the food that will be served will essentially reflect an American diet


To apply for our upcoming session, please send an email with the following:

  • Name as it appears on your passport (including Diocese & Province)

  • Your job: Very brief description, your job title, name of church or diocese where you work

  • Mailing address (street and number, city, state, country, not a Post Office number please)

  • Your email address

  • Sponsoring Bishop's email address

  • Age & birthdate (day, month, year)

  • Height (in feet)

  • Number of years in ministry (ordained or otherwise)

  • All completed degrees, including institution

  • Airport: the one from which you will be departing to the USA, and the one in the USA from which you think you will be departing at the end of the Institute to return to your home country (We realize this may change)

  • Passport number with date of issue and date of expiry

  • Do you have a visa to the USA? If so, its date of expiry

  • One-word statement that you have read and agreed with The Jerusalem Declaration

  • Brief statement of what you hope to accomplish from the session with ALI

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